25 May 2021

Ring of Monte Borghese Palace

Starting a few hundred meters before the small village of Foce di Montemonaco, take the path on the right, a path that goes up the side of the mountain and leads to the top of Palazzo Borghese. From here you can see a breathtaking view of the Adriatic Sea on one side and the plain of Castelluccio on the other. Taking the road back, you will reach the glacial basin located at the foot of the rocky ridge of Mount Palazzo Borghese. This basin in some periods of the year, especially after the melting of the snows of the winter glaciers, houses a small lake located at 1786 m.s.l.m. To return to Foce, our starting point, take the path at the base of the mountain and, after the basin, keep left towards Fonte dell’Acero and then reach a forest of beech trees called “La Frondosa”.