Our company has a history that has been handed down for four generations. It was born in the first years after the war as a small agricultural activity composed of chickens, rabbits, pigs, three cows of the “pezzata rossa” breed and a few hectares of land, with the entire production destined to family sustenance.
Since 1960, with the marriage of our grandparents Carlo and Carla, from a small agricultural activity organized only for family sustenance, it has been transformed into a company thanks to the purchase of several plots of land and Friesian cows for the sole purpose of milk production.
At the turn of the 90s and 2000s, thanks to many business investments, the Sibillini farm has been renewed with the construction of new structures, stables and barns, which have allowed to increase even more the production.

Due to the milk crisis of the early 2000s, in order to ensure the continuity of the company’s activities, the sale of milk was replaced by the sale of meat, thus returning to a hardy breed of cows: the Italian Pezzata Rossa.

In 2006 the love for our mountains and for the work we do has led the company to create the farm with the aim of making known our places, our history and our rural life to all lovers of nature, traditions and animals.

Respect for nature and for our animals, which have always been the basis of our company values, led us in 2017 to certify all our productions according to the organic method.
Being guests of the farm means to live fully what the Sibillini offer us, that is respect for nature, love for animals and continuity of traditions.