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About us

Our company has a history that has been handed down for four generations. It was born in the first years after the war as a small agricultural activity composed of chickens, rabbits, pigs, three cows of the “pezzata rossa” breed and a few hectares of land, with the entire production destined to family sustenance.

Since 1960, with the marriage of our grandparents Carlo and Carla, from a small agricultural activity organized only for family sustenance, it has been transformed into a company thanks to the purchase of several plots of land and Friesian cows for the sole purpose of milk production.


Walking with cows

At the Farm we never stop, our animals always need us. After taking care of them in the barn if you like, during the summer months, you can accompany us to take them to our pastures, we assure you that here you will be faced with a unique scenario: the combination of cows grazing and a breathtaking view.

A morning in the barn

On the farm you wake up early because there is so much work to be done. We meet in the barn at 6:45 am to milk our cows and take care of the calves. If you'd like, you can help us carry out these very important activities for a farm like ours. After all that effort you can relax, have breakfast and enjoy the taste of freshly milked milk.

Breakfast picnic

If you like, the farm also organizes breakfast picnic style, if you decide to live this unique experience we will prepare for you a basket full of our delicacies, which you can enjoy in total tranquility, outdoors and with a breathtaking view in our green area.

Free visit to the company

The tour is free and open to our guests. It is possible to visit all the structures of the company from the chicken coop, the barn to the stables of our animals. At the farm you can find lots of animals: chickens, turkeys, rabbits, pigs and cows. The latter can be seen free grazing in our fields from May until the first winter cold.

Grandma Carla's little animals

Rabbits, chickens, chickens and other small animals you can see at the farm. Thanks to the help of Grandma Carla you will discover and learn how to take care of our little animals.